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Comment Policy

All Comments submitted to Disqus platform are subject to the following rules:

Violating the following guidelines may result in your comment being deleted
 or even a permanent IP ban


– Any visible areola, nipples, genitalia, visible anus, or darkening of the anus is not allowed.

-Fanzorade is an apolitical platform. Anything overtly political may be removed without warning. There are plenty of other platforms out there to share your political rhetoric, but this is not that venue.


– Excessive damage, blood, or trauma shown inflicted on a person or animal is not allowed & will be removed.

Distasteful Content

– All racist content is prohibited
! All ‘hate speech’ is prohibited! In addition, comments that are excessively intimidating, bullying, or threatening to another user may be removed without warning. Treat each other online the same way you would offline. This is the way.

– User profiles for a brand or company are not allowed
– User profiles representing pornographic content are not allowed
– Any photos with website links to a brand or company are not allowed
– Any photos revealing personal data (Phone number, names, etc…)